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earthBuilding Eco-Communities – Community Environment Educational Activities

In the communities of Chengdu for residents of different ages, we carry out a variety of activities to educate on environmental protection, such as promoting garbage sorting, creating a love for the environment, fostering an enthusiastic community conservation culture, and setting up a platform for communication and collaboration with residents.

lampBuilding Eco-Communities – Application of Eco-Technologies in Communities

According to the damage suffered by different communities’ ecological functions, we help design recovery plans for ecological functions. We do this through building new and transforming existing community hardware, as well as aiding communities to build their own food waste recycling and disposal systems, public gardens, and other facilities that provide ecological functions.

recycleBuilding Eco-Communities – Nurturing communities’ internal abilities

In communities, we recruit Roots & Shoots “green eco-protection families” and establish green home leagues. These green families develop more green home training classes to guide green family members to thoroughly practice waste reduction at home and classifying environmental practices. We search out then nurture community core eco-leaders so that they can lead ever more residents to participating in the activities of their eco-communities.

butterflyEnvironmental Education for Teenagers – “Happy Recycling” with Recycling Education Project

“Happy Recycling” is Chengdu Roots & Shoots brand project aimed at education children on environmental protection and recycling through music and fun activities. The project is composed of three parts: themed music education, environmental dramas, and recycling education. We look forward to more resource conservation, recycling, and environmental protection philosophy passed on to more people through the active participation of youth in our project.

windmillPublic Environmental Education Programs

These efforts are for the public to carry out sustainability lectures open to all, visit waste facilities, conductenvironmental classroom activities. We also help organize other promotional activities to pass on knowledge on environmental protection, such as waste sorting and reduction. We promote public interest on environmental issues and encourage community members to make a positive action.



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